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 Dr. Toy Winner 

Judie Ryan's

THE BARNYARD SINGERS: Mrs. Goat, Miss Sheep, Mr. Bull and  Brother Frog

Listen to Judie Ryan's


Book. Available soon.

Judie Ryan's EDUPLATES offered parents, teacher and librarians an infinite number of ways to celebrate a child's learning to read. In this MIXED-UP BARNYARD kit, we read a book and later read with recorded read-along (click next to Ollie Owl to listen and interact with the story). The kit commemorated reading success with theme-related coloring and puzzles, a reading party, making party hats, stand-up horses, clucking chickens, party hats, singing a theme-related song with sheet music included (sung above by the BARNYARD SINGERS), play-acting, dancing, science and learning all kinds of new information.

Her BOOKS-IN-ACTION programs apply the same fun techniques. Using Judie's methods to encourage reading, work for any book you read to your child, student or eager library learner. You can celebrate in any way, just relate your party and activities to the book's theme. With consistent application, kids soon love to read so much you won't be able to keep books away from them! 


*Any books written by Judie Ryan, will feature loads of free theme-related activites online to go with them!

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