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What do you want on the table for your party?


Print out this picture any size you want to. Draw in what you want to put on your table or cut stuff out of a magazine and glue it down. Don't forget Mom's plate. How do you want it to look? Or do you want it to be a giant donut? A snowglobe? You decide! Now use markers, crayons or both and color.


Be sure to read this Mother Goose poem before you start to make this hat. Grown-up make a hat for yourself too!

Make a Humpty Dumpty Hat!


WHAT YOU NEED:  White poster board, white paper, colored construction paper including red, scissors, markers

or crayons, stapler, tape, glue stick


1.Decide what size you want to make your Humpty Dumpty. Photocopy the image below on heavy cover stock. Be sure

to make your printout the size you like. Or print Humpty onto standart paper and glue onto construction paper. Color Humpty Dumpty. 

2. Cut out.

3. Cut and fit poster board head band about 2-2.5" wide. Fit to your head. Staple or glue with glue stick. Cover sharp edges of staples with tape for comfort and safe little fingers.

4. Cut red construction paper to about 2.5 X 4-5 inches.

5. Draw a brick wall on it with marker or crayon Glue to head band with glue stick.

6. Cut legs out of construction paper. Use any color you want to. Cut legs from the  8 1/2" (or short side) of the construction paper. Cut leg about 3/4" and 8 1/2" long. Fold legs into accordian-like folds as shown.

7. Cut shoes out of colored construction paper and glue into place. When glue is dry, glue legs onto Humpty. Let glue dry.

8. Glue completed Humpty onto ll. You can make Humpty

sit or fall as shown. Be sure all glue is dry before you put it


*Put on your hats and act out the poem as you say it together! 

Print me out any

size you want to. 


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